Christmas Decoupage Glass Ball Ornament

Very pretty glass ball ornament when completed. Recommended for older children.

You’ll need:

  • Glass ball ornament; clear or colored
  • Christmas patterned paper napkin
  • Ribbon in Christmas colors
  • Egg carton
  • Paint brush white glue or decoupage


  1. Detach the hanger from the glass ball ornament.
  2. Separate the pattern paper off of a Christmas napkin. Cut two cricles about 3-inches.
  3. Decoupage on the pattern to the ball.
  4. Cover the open spaces on the glass ornament with small torn pieces of the patterned napkin and decoupage.
  5. Carefully place the decoupaged glass ball on the egg carton to dry.
  6. When dry, attach the hanger and tie on the ribbon to hang on the tree.