make beaded christmas bracelet

Make a Beaded Bracelet Project: Christmas Candy Beaded Bracelet

Fun colors for this Christmas bracelet, all made with a Christmas holiday themed bead soup mix.

You’ll need these supplies:

  • beads from your soup, I used 5 large, then small for spacing
  • beading wire
  • toggle clasp
  • 2 crimp beads

You’ll need these tools:

  • wire cutters
  • crimping pliers

1.) Attach wire to the clasp with the crimp bead. Place end through the first couple of beads and then trim.

2.) Bead: varied beads, separating out the 5 large ones. Continue until you reach desired length.

3.) Attach the other end of your clasp with a crimp bead. Thread through the last few beads and trim end.