latrine bucket and brush girl scout swap ideas

Latrine Bucket and Brush Girl Scout SWAP Ideas

An original swaps complete with template. Fun if used for camping trips and Kaper charts.

You’ll need these supplies to make this GS SWAPS:

  • Bucket template(below)
  • Paper clip and wire cutters
  • Tan fun foam
  • Markers to trace and outline
  • Swizzle straw for brush
  • Pipe cleaner, tan, small piece
  • Hot glue
  • Safety pin and Tag

Instructions to make this GS SWAPS:

  1. Print out the template by placing the picture in your word processor, sizing and printing. Cut out. Trace on tan fun foam and cut out.
  2. Make a small loop with the tan pipe cleaner, leaving a tail with one of the ends. Hot glue the tail into the swizzle straw.
  3. Unravel the paper clip and make a handle for the bucket.
  4. Trace the edges and top of the bucket with permanent markers.
  5. Glue on the bush.
  6. Add your pin and tag.