cat bracelet tutorial

Cat Memory Beaded Bracelet – Beaded Bracelet Instructions – Free Pattern

Very simple beaded bracelet. I love how well ebeads slide on memory wire. A good mix works very well every time.

You’ll need these supplies:

  • bead soup, e-beads size 6 and 8; other large hole beads in black, clear and white.
  • 5 or 6 – 12mm cat face beads; black and clear 2 with holes up and down; others with holes horizontal
  • 2 headpins; silver
  • 4 rings of memory wire

You’ll need these tools:

  • Wire cutters; heavy duty
  • Pliers; round nose
  • Pliers; chain nose

1.) Put a cat face bead that has its hole up and down on a head pin and loop and wrap. Repeat with the other up and down holed cat face bead.

2.) Bend one end of the memory wire 1/2″ down from the end so that it looks like a 90 degree angle. Loop it using the base of your round nose pliers. Be sure to get a good grip as memory wire is hard to bend.

3.) Start beading the memory wire randomly with your bead soup. Disperse the horizontal holed cat beads throughout the bracelet. End by making a loop in the memory wire.

4.) Put the one beaded headpin on each end loop of the bracelet.

5.) Enjoy!