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Chips and Pearls Wire Wrapped Bead Bracelet – Make This Beaded Bracelet

This is an awesome combination with the rustic chip bead combined with the classic pearl look and wire wrapped links.

You’ll need these supplies for the necklace::

  • 8-inches chip beads; any stone, mine are jasper
  • 6 pearl beads; matching the chips, mine are peach
  • 24 gauge silver wire; approx. 16 inches
  • wire hook clasp and tab

You’ll need these tools:

  • wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • crimping pliers

The bracelet instructions:

  1. Create 7 wire wrapped beaded links using the chips and attaching them as you go.
  2. Create 6 pearl wire wrapped drops, attaching them to one of the open loops in between each bead link as you wrap.
  3. Attach the wire hook and eye clasp