crackle beaded bracelet project tutorial

Make a Beaded Bracelet Project: Crackle Glass Stretch Beaded Bracelet

Simple and fun stretch bracelet that has a very summery look. Earrings to match this beaded bracelet are here.

You’ll need these supplies:

  • 12 inches – 1.0 stretch beading cord
  • 7mmx5mm crackle cube beads; peach
  • glass ring beads; white
  • super glue

You’ll need these tools:

  • cutters

1.) Knot one end of the stretch cord.

2.) Bead one crackle bead then one ring bead. Repeat until you get to desired length. Bracelet should fit snuggley.

3.) Knot using a surgent’s knot. Glue the knot and allow to dry. Hide knot under a ring bead.