make rose quartz bracelet

Make a Beaded Bracelet Project: Rose Quartz and Pearl Beaded Bracelet

This bracelet takes some time to wrap the individual pearls on their headpins, but WOW what a funky bracelet! I love the rose quartz with the different colored pink pearls, it brings classic and mod together. Here are the matching earrings.

You’ll need these supplies:

  • 3 – 12 mm faceted rose quartz beads
  • 8 – 6mm rose quartz rounds
  • 41 – 5-7mm pearls, three different colors
  • one hook clasp
  • 3 jumprings
  • 22 gauge wire
  • 41 head pins

You’ll need these tools:

  • heavy duty wire cutters
  • crimping pliers
  • round nose pliers

1.) Loop and wrap all 41 pearls – each on a head pin.

2.) Make 4 pearl bead links, for each you’ll need to: cut four 3 inch pieces of 22 gauge wire. Loop and wrap one end. Bead round rose quartz, 10 pearl loops and one round rose quartz. Loop and wrap second end, pushing round rose quartz beads together so that the pearl loops are snug.

3.) Link together the 4 pearl bead links as you do the facet rose quartz bead links. (Click here to learn how to connect bead links.)

4.) Connect the three jumprings, then connect then to the end of the bracelet. Add a pearl drop to the third link out.

5.) Connect the hook clasp to the opposite end of the bracelet.