beaded earring project

Wire Wrapped Double Bead Triangle Earrings

I think dagger beads are funny. Every time I try to do something with them I just end up laughing. I have no idea why – maybe I’m just crazy that way – but these earrings were no exception. They make me smile and then giggle. I hope you like them too.

You’ll need these supplies:

  • 2 6mm pearls
  • 16-inches 24 gauge wire; 2 8-inch pieces
  • 4 4mm Swarovski bicone beads
  • 2 pressed glass diamonds
  • 4 dagger beads
  • 2 – earwires

You’ll need these tools:

  • wire cutters
  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • reamer

1.) Loop and wrap one end of the wire.
2.) Bead the diamond shpped bead, measure one inch down and bend the wire(see picture below).
3.) Bead: a dagger, Swarovski crystal, pearl, Swarovski crystal, a dagger. 4.) Bend the wire up and wrap under the diamond bead.
5.) Attach the loop to the earwire.