Make Duct Tape Scoopball Game for Kids – Duct Tape Kids Crafts

This game is so much fun, and an original craft/game by Denise D. Witmer. I looked at the handle of my coffee and thought, there has to be a way to play a game with this. Volia! Scoopball! I hope you enjoy it.

You’ll need these supplies to make this craft project:

  • At least 2 maxwell house plastic coffee containers(they have the handles, one per player)
  • Duct tape in various colors
  • Bouncing foam ball, approx. 4-inch diameter

Follow these directions to make this craft project:
Clean out the coffee containers, disguard the lids. Cut strips of duct tape to go around the coffee containers. Cover the container with the strips of tape being careful not to use too much around the handle as you will need it to play the Scoopball.

How to play scoopball:
Each player makes a scoop, see directions above. make sure each player makes their scoop a different color or design. Played on black top. Player one has the ball in his scoop and he lifts the ball up, player two tries to catch it. He gets 3 points if he gets it in the air, 2 if he scoops it after one bounce, 1 point if he scoops it after 2 bounces. The player with the most points after they are exhauted wins.