Free Crochet Heart Patterns

Heart patterns are popular not only for Valentine’s Day and special events like weddings, they are an every day pattern people adore. Put one on a hat, add it to a scarf pattern or try any one of these free crochet heart patterns just for fun.

Valentine’s Day Heart Crochet Patterns
Super sweet little heart patterns that can be make into any number of craft items as a basket – just scroll down – and you can add picot edging. You can hang these up or double them up stuff them with smell me good for a sachet.

Tree Hearts Pattern
This v-shaped heart pattern is perfect to decorate a tree for Valentine’s day. These can be so much fun to make, and you can make one for each of your kids or grandkids and then hang them from the tree as a reminder of all the love you have for your family.

Heart Scraf
Appliqued hearts on the end of a scarf will help you look festive on Valentine’s day or as a lover of hearts.

Tiny Heart Crochet Pattern
I free pattern for a tiny heart that you can use as a hair pin accessory. Simple Single Crochet on this cute little small heart.

Cable Heart Gift Bag
Need a gift bag or a sweet tote? This free pattern has you covered. Creating a crochet gift bag shows you’ve gone the extra mile, and that you are giving a piece of your heart. Plus, it’s reusable – love the earth too!

Granny Sweet Heart Pattern
This sweet heart pattern is perfect for coasters. The creator of the crafty crochet heart made the pattern because she was looking for a more colorful design. I say she nailed it! And I’m glad she did as it is great for all of us.

3 of Hearts Tunisian Kitchen Rag
Dishcloths are so the thing in fiber crafts like crochet. This dishcloth is made with three hearts right down the center of a rectangular block.

Heart Strings Garland
Mini garlands, gift wrapping, bracelets and even as a fancy edging. They are a sweet string and the free pattern is so easy to make.

Crochet Flower in a Heart Free Pattern
Perfect for a pin or an applique for hats or scarves. Instructions for making into a pin are at the bottom of the pattern. Also makes a great Valentine’s Day decoration when used as bunting.

Smiling Face Heart Pattern
According to the person who can up with this cute design: “This is what I call my Happy Heart Motif. I am still working on the background count, however here is the heart to get you started.” I love how adorable it is and it is perfect for a kids design.

Cold Heart Snowflake
The heart crochet pattern is perfect for the winter night. Six heart points in a circle. This would make a good trivet for your ‘dinner for two’ special dinners or Valentine’s Day meal.

Crochet Sachet Heart
Need a gift for a bridal shower or for your daughter on Valentine’s Day? This is a perfect small sachet for a thoughtful gift.

Free crochet heart patterns like the ones we have listed here are perfect for use in your craft projects. Make heart gifts, favors and more.