Good Deed Counter Girl Scout SWAP Ideas

This swap will count good deeds. There is one bead for each day of the week in order to represent the Girl Scout Slogan, “Do a good turn daily.”

You’ll need these supplies to make this GS SWAPS:

  • 7 pony beads
  • One heart bead
  • 12-inches 1/4 inch satin ribbon
  • Safety pin and Tag

Instructions to make this GS SWAPS:

  1. Make a small loop in the center of your ribbon and tie an overhand knot to secure it.
  2. Ladder stitch through the seven pony beads, one at a time.
  3. Leaving one inch of space in the ribbon, tie an overhand knot. Double it.
  4. Bead both of the ribbons on the heart bead. Tie an overhand knot. Double it.
  5. Move down a bed by pulling it towards the heart bead. Do this each time you do a good deed. The picture is shown with all of the beads down – a week of good deeds done! =D
  6. Add your pin and tag.
  7. This flower can be themed by changing the color of the pom pom or flower to match school colors or a patriotic theme for instance.