winter hat girl scout swap ideas

Winter Hat Girl Scout SWAPS Idea

These hats are easily made once you have the hang of making a half-hitch knot. So, it is a great way to teach this knot and get your girls something to make while they are learning it.

You’ll need these supplies to make this GS SWAPS:

  • 3-inch pieces of yarn
  • soda bottle ring – the part of the cap that is left on the bottle, pry it off
  • Safety pin and Tag

Instructions to make this GS SWAPS:

  1. Half-hitch (like a rug making knot) with your yarn all the way around the the soda bottle ring. Try and keep your ends even.
  2. About 1/2-inch down from the tips of the yarn ends, tie them together to form a pom-pom.
  3. Add your pin and tag.