shamrock craft, shamrock magnet

St. Patrick’s Shamrock Magnet Craft Project

Painted wooden circle with a magnet on the back to decorate the refrigerator in your home. Older kids love using stencils and learning this painting technique.

You’ll need:

  • Wood circle
  • Stickles or glitter glue
  • Shamrock stencil
  • Magnet
  • Paint; yellow and green
  • Foam paint brush


  • Using the yellow paint cover the entire wooden circle. You may need to do a second coat. Allow it to dry fully.
  • Using a shamrock stencil and the foam paint brush: hole the stencil down flat against the wood circle.
  • Pick up a little bit of green paint with the paint brush and color in the stencil. Allow to dry.
  • Apply the glitter glue around the edges of the stenciled shamrock. Allow to dry.

  • Add the magnet on the back of the wood cirlce. Voila!