Make Duct Tape Bowling for Kids – Duct Tape Kids Crafts

I love that duct tapes comes in so many colors. This game was so easy to do, esp. since I used to do it with paint. This is so much easier.

You’ll need these supplies to make this craft project:

  • 10 water bottles; cleaned with lids(or 2 liter soda if you want the big game)
  • Medium ball
  • 5 cups Sand
  • Funnel
  • Duct tape in white(16 yards); red(2 yards) and black(2 yards)

Follow these directions to make this craft project:
Using the funnel, fill each bottle with one half of a cup of sand. Close the lid tightly. Cut five 10-inch pieces of white duct tape per bottle. Carefully wrap the bottle one strip at a time ending just below the lid, trim the ends. Cut a strip of black and red tape, then split it in half to make a thinner strip. Use the black tape to cover the lid, first going around the side then the top.

Set the bowling game up by setting the pins and then knocking them down by rolling the ball at the pins.